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Hi, I'm Jules.


The name Saph1re came about many years ago when I was setting up an eBay account, but every username I tried was taken. I happened to look down at my sapphire engagement ring and decided to spell it wrong, and guess what, it was available :-)


I love reading thrillers (especially dark psychological ones), horror, classics, historical fiction, science fiction, contemporary, women's fiction, and some romance, My least favourite genres are action and crime.


Although I've been rating books on Goodreads for years, I have only been actively reviewing books for authors and publishers since 2014, but loving every minute of it.


Favourite authors include Clive Barker, Joanne Harris, Daphne du Maurier, Philippa Gregory, Josephine Cox and Cecelia Ahern.

I'm 38, live in Cornwall, and I'm married with two dogs. I'm self-employed and sell novelty craft buttons online:

When I'm not working or reading, I love gardening, coastal and country walks, cooking and watching TV and films.


Some of my favourite films are The Neverending Story, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Lost Boys, Titanic, The Karate Kid, Interview with the Vampire, Hellraiser, Coyote Ugly, Stigmata, Gladiator, Pearl Harbor, Edward Scissorhands, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Short Circuit, WALL.E, The Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho, Jaws, The Perfect Storm, Carrie, Moulin Rouge, Django Unchained, Horns, Interstellar, Maleficent and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.



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