Book Review - Death Stalks Kettle Street, by John Bowen

Death Stalks Kettle Street - John Bowen

I was initially attracted to Death Stalks Kettle Street by its title and front cover, and I’m so pleased I was, as I thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery, with its intriguing plot and wonderful characters.

It’s hard to say what my favourite part of this book was, as I loved the whole storyline. Fabulous plot with regards to the murder mystery, perfect pace, and the chapters that focussed on how to write a murder mystery was a very clever touch too, making me think about the main plot of this story in more detail and question the characters and their motives in more depth.

I love the main characters, Greg and Beth, who are on a mission to find the Kettle Street killer. Both characters are very well developed. Greg is struggling through life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Beth is trying to live as normal life as possible with Cerebral Palsy. It is impossible not to be touched by the lives they lead.

This is easily a 5 star read, and I strongly recommend this to anyone who enjoys crime and murder mystery novels, as well as those who don’t. I’m not a huge fan of crime at all, but this was such an enjoyable read with great characters that will stay with me for some time.