Book Review - A Cornish Christmas

A Cornish Christmas: A cosy Christmas romance to curl up with by the fire - Lily Graham

Okay, so it turns out I’ve now read this book twice, well, sort of. I didn’t realise I had already read the shorter version of this book under the name of The Postcard, until I reached the part with Rudolph, and thought, wait a minute, I’ve definitely read about Rudolph and his shiny nose before, and I don’t mean the children’s book Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, although I did love that as a child. I did a bit of Goodreads investigating, and realised I read The Postcard a year ago. Yes, my memory really is that bad! I’ve often joked that I only need a handful of books, as I pretty much forget a story as soon as I read the last page and move on to the next book. I think this proves it. It won’t surprise that I have no idea what the differences are between both books, seeing as I only remembered snippets from the first time I read it.

However, I’m pleased to announce that I agree with my own review from last year of the shorter version of this book, which is as follows:

The Postcard is an emotional and magical novella.

It is about a woman who hasn’t fully got over the death of her mother. When sorting through her mother’s old desk, she discovers a postcard written to her, which begins a series of mystical events.

A lovely festive read with an element of Christmas spirit, and I don’t mean of the infused with alcohol kind.

The Postcard has a good balance of both happy and tear jerker moments. A touching story to read during the run up to Christmas.

What I will add, is I think I found it more emotional this time round, as I lost my 14 year old dog and my 90 year old grandma this year, so related more closely to the grief that was covered in this story.

Due to the depth of the story and good character development, this is so much more than just a Christmas story, so I would say this could be enjoyed all year round. Now, let’s see if I can try remember not to read this again next November.