Book Review - See Me Not

See Me Not: A gripping psychological thriller with a heartbreaking twist. - Janelle Harris

Having loved this author’s previous novel, No Kiss Goodbye, and falling in love with the front cover for this book, I was very excited to read it, but at the same time a little nervous. I’m pleased to say that See Me Not is yet another at times somewhat tense and cleverly plotted psychological thriller that will keep you awake late at night, as you read just one more page, and another, and another…

I highly recommend this to fans of psychological thrillers.

This book had me changing my mind about the three main characters throughout. Initially, I wasn’t sure if I liked Emma. She seemed quite needy, and getting so annoyed at her husband, David for having to work long hours, had me feeling sorry for him. Being a military wife myself, a part of me wanted to shake sense into her and tell her how lucky she was to see her husband most days, even if it was only briefly. I desperately wanted her to give him more support. As for the third main character, Amber, David’s boss, she had me really intrigued. I do love a good manipulative character in a book, so I found her fascinating throughout.

This thrilling and emotional novel covers a number of sensitive subjects, but all are approached with care. This story felt very current with it also covering online stalking, and did actually have me checking through my own Facebook friends list.

See Me Not is a story of secrets, loneliness, rejection and guilt, and even had me crying at the end. Oh my, what an intense ending that was! I highly recommend reading the author’s message at the end of the novel too, as I think it is important to understand part of the heart breaking inspiration for this novel. Grab a tissue first though.