Book Review - Blakemort

Blakemort - A Psychic Surveys Christmas Novella - Shani Struthers, Jeff Gardiner

This is not really a genre I read much these days, but I did enjoy Blakemort, and could definitely see me having loved it if I had read it as a young teenager, when I loved reading books that spooked me.

Even after all these years, one part in particular did send a shiver down my spine, as I too was pushed down the stairs, when I was just a few years old, and to this day I am still convinced it was a ghost that pushed me. I was pushed twice by something invisible, falling down the stairs on the second push, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a giant jellyfish that pushed me.

There was a good mix of characters, and I liked that the two adult sisters were Julia and Helena, as I'm Julie and one of my sisters is Helen. Julia was the one without kids, like myself, and Helena was the one with kids, like my sister Helen. I also loved the character of Helena's daughter, Corinna.

I’ve never really thought about what my surname means, until this novella mentioned ‘mort’ meaning dead, which then got me curious about what Mortimer actually means. My husband (being born with the surname), informed me it means ‘dead sea’. How interesting.

Blakemort is a great novella for anyone who enjoys haunted house ghost stories. Although there is mention of a number of Christmas periods over the years throughout this story, I do think this novella could be read any time of year, as it is not really festive at all, but more of a ghostly mystery.