Book Review - The Halloweeners

The Halloweeners (Volume 1) - John Hennessy

I bought The Halloweeners as a fun read for Halloween.

This novella is about a group of kids who love Halloween, and each have their own character of zombie, witch, vampire and ghost. Within these pages is a story of friendship, young love, bullying, nasty teachers, and perhaps a little revenge.

One of my PE teachers in secondary school was pure evil. Just the mention of Miss Glover makes me shudder over 20 years later! Teachers really do have a huge impact on you. Luckily, at the other end of the scale, was the most marvellous teacher ever in primary school, Mr Zienko, who was strict but ever so funny. He did the most amazing school plays, and I got to be a cowgirl, witch and belly dancer in his plays. Such fun times, which helps to make up for the memory of Miss Glover trying to half strangle me once!

“Kirsty didn’t trust men with hair on their faces.” made me giggle, as I remember a scenario but sort of in reverse, as my dad always had a beard, but shaved it off for a play he was in over 30 years ago, and one of my younger sisters wouldn’t go near him, as she was convinced he was no longer her daddy, as Daddy has a beard.

As the main characters are aged around 13 years old, I think this book would most suit children around that age, although I still enjoyed it as an adult, as it reminded me of my school days, so felt nostalgic and slightly emotional remembering the good old days. Plus, I also enjoyed the little references from other books I’ve read by this author.