Book Review - Counting Chimneys

Counting Chimneys: A novel of love, heartbreak and romance in 1960s Brighton (Brighton Girls Trilogy) (Volume 2) - Sandy Taylor

I loved The Girls from See Saw Lane, which is the first book in this trilogy, and have been so looking forward to reading book two.

So much happened in Counting Chimneys, I devoured this book, as it filled me with such a mix of emotions throughout. It is one of those books that physically sucked me into its pages and surrounded me in the world it had created. I have such strong images of buildings and the beach in my mind, despite having never been to Brighton in my life.

If you love books with developed characters and a plot that is likely to fill you with strong emotions, then this is probably the book for you. I strongly recommend you read book one first, as this is the continuation of such an emotional and heart breaking story, so I think you will get more from this book if you have experienced what happened previously.