Book Review - The Sugar Planter's Daughter

The Sugar Planter's Daughter - Sharon Maas

Having loved The Secret Life of Winnie Cox, I’ve been dying to read this book.

I needed to know what was going to happen next for George and Winnie. A part of me was so relieved that they had a future together after the struggles they faced in the first book, but then certain events within this story made me feel sad, and so incredibly angry at one particular character. There were events in this book I tried so hard to stop happening as they unravelled in front of me while I continued to read. I could hear myself screaming “No!” in my mind and probably out load, as I read certain events, and wanted to wish them away again.

This books tells a wonderfully emotional story of love, loss and family. If you fancy reading this, I strongly recommend you start by reading the first book, The Secret Life of Winnie Cox, which was actually one of my Top Ten Books read in 2015: