Book Review - Matching the Evidence

Matching the Evidence: The Major Crimes Team - Vol 2 - Graham Smith

Firstly, there was nothing actually wrong with this novella, I just didn’t particularly enjoy it.

I’m not a fan of police procedural (or football), and I think one of the mistakes I made when agreeing to read this, was not realising it was volume two in a series until I opened it up on my Kindle. Although the story itself can be read as a standalone, I’m personally driven by characters and their personalities, and although there were a lot of characters in this novella, I didn’t feel I really connected with any of them. I am wondering if some of those characters are introduced in more detail in the first novella, and this is the reason for my lack of connection.

This novella seems to be going down very well with other readers, so I suspect many readers who thrive on police procedural will thoroughly enjoy this, so you can pretty much ignore my opinion. Those who know me well, know I’m a bit hit and miss with crime novels. I either absolutely love them, or just don’t get on with them. There’s no middle ground with me when it comes to crime, it seems, although I have learnt that the less police procedural the better.

Thank you to the publisher, Caffeine Nights Publishing for a copy of this novella in exchange for an honest review.