I'm alive!

Hi folks,


How is everyone doing here on Booklikes?


I've not posted on here since the middle of July, which feels like a lifetime ago.


I hope you're all well and that I haven't missed too much in my absence. Feel free to update me if I have missed anything shocking, exciting, or generally interesting, such as a book you read recently that I MUST read now!


Life has just been rather hectic for me over the last couple of months. My husband arrived home from being away at sea, giving us about 3 weeks to squeeze everything in before he went away again, so lots of time was spent catching up with friends and visiting family. Now he's away again for two and a half months, so I've been trying to get on top of my running my online novelty button business, but have given myself this afternoon off to try and catch up on some book reviews, as I'm getting behind.


I'm 17 books behind schedule on my Goodreads Reading Challenge *shock horror*. I do have a few books to review, which will help, but I'm still very behind. I'm in desperate need of more hours in the day for reading. I can't believe how little I've read over the last couple of months. I guess I better start reading some novellas or children's books in order to catch up on my reading challenge :-)


Look forward to hearing from some of you :-)


Best wishes,


Jules xxx