Book Review - The Caller

The Caller (The Organised Crime Team series Book 1) - M A Comley, Tara Lyons

I was invited to read this by one of the authors, in exchange for an honest review, despite her knowing I have a bit of an aversion to police procedural fiction. Brave woman.

This is probably one of the most police procedural focussed books I have read. Having said that, I actually really enjoyed it. I think it helped that I got to see the Organised Crime Team coming together at the beginning of the book, so I felt like I was at the same stage of the journey as all the characters, with regards to getting to know each other.

The Caller was fast paced, sometimes tense, and certainly very hard to put down. It left me feeling on edge and unable to fall asleep one night, as I was home alone.

I’m waiting for the panic to set in when a parcel is delivered. Thank goodness for the dog gate directly behind my front door. It may save my life. Failing that, there is always my huge softie of a guard dog who can protect me by drowning evil delivery men with his slobbery licks. While I was out posting orders yesterday, I actually helped a lost looking courier find a house. It was only afterwards that I thought, oh no, I hope my neighbour is okay. Slightly creepy timing, considering the subject matter of this book.

Having enjoyed this so much, I would happily read more in this series, and highly recommend it to those who love police procedural crime novels.