Book Review - I See You

I See You - Clare Mackintosh

I found this book really hard to put down, especially the second half, which I lived and breathed until the very last page. I’m sure this thriller made my heart stop beating, not once, but twice, having to briefly stop reading in order to catch my breath. I can feel my heart racing just thinking of a couple of specific moments within the book.

The short chapters written in italics throughout the story were rather creepy and gave me the heebie-jeebies.

It would be misleading of me to say this is in any way the same as a TV mini-series I absolutely loved back in the late 1990s called Killer Net, but a couple of things about it really reminded me of it, so made it all that more exciting for me. If you love the idea behind this book, you may wish to watch Killer Net, as I suspect you’ll enjoy it too.

Crikey, what an ending to a great thriller... and breathe!

This is a psychological crime thriller, and for someone like me, who loves psychological thrillers but isn’t a huge fan of crime and police procedural, I think this had the perfect balance.

I would like to thank the publishers for a proof copy of this book, via THE Book Club (TBC) on Facebook, in exchange for an honest review.