Saph1re's Shelf Stacking - April 2016

 I did so well in March with managing to only acquire 9 books, in the hope of reducing the length of my to be read pile. Having acquired 17 books in April, I think reducing the to be read list might have to wait until another month, as I'm pretty sure I didn't read 17 books in April, oops!

I'm sure I have a cheeky little fairy whispering in my ear telling me to get more books. I do have good news for my purse though, as it seems rather impressively, I've got through a whole month without actually paying for a single book!


Amazon Kindle Freebies



The Doppelganger: A Psychological Thriller


Balls (Ball Games, #1)


The Girl Who Couldn't Come Up With an Original Title




The Real Book Thief (How To Steal Another Author's Work And Nearly Get Away With It)


Waiting For The Bee Stings





The Silent Twin (Detective Jennifer Knight #3)


The Second Chance Shoe Shop


Even Stranger


After the Lie


Different Class


When She Was Bad



Signed Books


(Received as a gift from the author)

 A Mother's Secret: A beautiful, heartbreaking novel of love, loss and hidden tragedy



Giveaway Wins


The Long Weekend


Housing Elephants



Review Requests Received


The Scottish Diamond: A Romantic Suspense Novella


Denied (The Monster Trilogy Book 2)