Book Review - Web of Deceit

Web of Deceit: A DI Sally Parker novella. - M A Comley, Tara Lyons

I bought this a little while ago, but was inspired to read it a couple of days ago after finding out about another author I knew, who turned out not to be genuine or what they seemed at all. It came as a huge shock to me at the time, so I thought Web of Deceit was the perfect book to read next, as it is about meeting an online friend in real life. I thought I may as well use a fictional novella to help increase my paranoia a little further.

I really enjoyed Web of Deceit. This story was surprisingly creepy at the beginning. I even jumped at my own shadow while I was in the middle of reading this. It was fast paced, sometimes rather tense, and there were a couple of moments I was gritting my teeth together and holding my breath. There was an interesting mix of characters too.

It also reminded me of a scary experience I had in Merthyr Tydfil a few years ago. I have promised myself never to return there again. I didn't realise places like that existed in real life, just in creepy horror films!

This is ideal if you fancy a quick read between full length books, and it certainly makes you think about some of those people you have met online but don’t actually know in person. Expect to feel a little more suspicious of online folk after reading this.