NetGalley Review - Time Travelling with a Hamster

Time Travelling with a Hamster - Ross  Welford

I’m not sure I’m any less baffled by time travel after reading this, but what a fun adventure of a story.

Time Travelling with a Hamster is packed full of mischief, adventure, family, friendship, grief, love, time travel, random facts, and of course, not forgetting the pet hamster.

This story also has a good mix of characters, but not too many to keep track of. I love Grandpa Byron. What an interesting character he is.

Despite me enjoying children’s books, this was perhaps a little young for me to fully fall in love with, but I did thoroughly enjoy it, and think it is a great book for teenagers and older children who are confident readers. Plus, this would make a fun story for parents to read to their children too.

I would like to thank the publisher, Harper Collins Children’s Books. for allowing me a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.