Book Review - Tuesday Falling

Tuesday Falling - Paul S. Williams

An impossible to put down thriller of a read about victims and revenge, and what happens when the tables are turned, making it so incredibly satisfying to read.

Absolutely brilliant!

Fast paced and easy to follow, so has a bit of a feel of Young Adult fiction to it, but not being a huge fan of YA, I still loved this, and would say it can be enjoyed by those who love adult thrillers too.

Although there is heavy subject matter covered, there was also a hint of dark humour too, so I felt the overall storyline had a good balance of serious topics mixed with humour and excitement to keep you entertained throughout.

I highly recommend this to fans of thrillers, and if you loved Normal, by Graeme Cameron, I would definitely recommend this, as it has a similar mix of dark thriller and humour to it.