Book Review - Pretty Little Creatures

Pretty Little Creatures: An Action-Packed Spiritual Thriller (The Challenged World Book 2) - Vince Milam

Pretty Little Creatures is a story of “Demons and diamonds!” …amongst other things.

This novel covers very real and serious issues, such as Ebola and the terror of ISIS, while also having a supernatural element.

Although this is not one of my preferred genres, I did enjoy this book, in the same way I enjoyed the first book in this well written, action packed spiritual thriller series.

It was great seeing some familiar characters again. Their individual personalities really come through. Francois, the French priest always makes me laugh, and I love Texas sheriff, Cole, for his sarcastic comments throughout.

Although the plot really has very little link to Scooby-Doo (well, apart from solving mysteries), I couldn’t help but think of the Scooby-Doo cartoon characters while reading this. Cole, Nadine and Francois are such an unlikely match of personalities, but they work well together in an attempt to save the day. I wonder if they’ll ever get a dog to join their team in the future, ha ha.

I recommend The Challenged World series to fans of action thrillers, spiritual thrillers, and supernatural fiction.

I would like to thank the author, Vince Milam, for providing me with a copy of this novel, in exchange for an honest review, and wish him success with this series.