Book Review - Nevada Mind The Bollix Part One: A Rockline Novel

Nevada Mind The Bollix - Part One: A Rockline Novel - Hilary Mortz
This is a fast paced story about rockstars, both past and present, and their overindulgent lives of sex, drugs and Botox, along with some other slightly bizarre shenanigans going on.

Although I didn’t enjoy this one quite as much as the first in the series, I did still find it an enjoyable read.

Again, there were some fun characters in this book. My favourite storyline throughout was that of Stan and Franni. I would have loved there to have been more focus on these two, as they were the characters I connected with most, and had their storyline been developed a little more, I feel I would have become more emotionally involved with this book.

I recommend this book to fans of punk, rock, music, bands, gigs and festivals.

This book does end with a cliff-hanger, so I’m looking forward to reading Nevada Mind The Bollix Part Two to see what happens next.