Book Review - Pohutukawa Highway

Pohutukawa Highway - Tammy Robinson

Firstly, if you also have no idea how to pronounce the first word of the book title, I have it on good authority that it is pronounced as follows:

“Po (like Edgar Allan Poe) hu (like who) tu (like tutu) ka (like car) wa (like a baby going waaaaaa!)”

The funny thing, is that I still can’t say it as one word, but rather 5 very short words, with significant pauses in-between. I dare say this title will entertain me for many years to come, especially as I have a somewhat bizarre image in my mind of Edgar Allan Poe wearing a tutu and crying like a baby.


Secondly, if you have no idea what 'pohutukawa' means, it is a tree in New Zealand, and a somewhat beautiful one it seems:


Pohutukawa Tree

This is the second book I’ve read by Tammy Robinson. The first book being Lessons from Ducks, which actually made it into my Top Ten Books read in 2015. One thing I am noticing is how good this author is at creating developed and believable characters. Some of the characters reminded me of myself and loved ones, which made me smile at times.

Although Pohutukawa Highway does have a sad theme running throughout the story, which did bring tears to my eyes at one point, I did find it to be an uplifting and sometimes funny story overall. It covers loss, grief, love, memories of the past, and family dynamics, within the scenic surroundings of a campsite in New Zealand.

If you went camping in a tent or caravan with your family, or do so even now, I think this book will entertain you. I went camping with my parents, younger sisters and our dog when I was young, and absolutely loved it. We had a big family tent with lots of poles, so I had a giggle at the memories of trying to get all the poles together, often in wind and rain, as that was our luck when we went camping. I also remember my dad telling us not to touch the sides of the tent otherwise rain would come through the fabric.

I recommend this to fans of contemporary fiction and romance. I will definitely be reading more books by this author in the future.