Book Review - Cine

Cine - Stuart Keane

This is more of a pure horror, rather than thriller, so I think it would appeal mostly to horror fans who don’t mind plenty of gore.

Cine got me thinking about how strange the human mind is. Why do some of us thrive on horror films/books, yet if we witness real life acts of violence we are shocked and horrified? It’s clever how the brain experiences them as two very different things, but it’s also fascinating that our responses to true and fictional violence can be so extremely different.

Next time you feel tempted to moan about the service at your local cinema, just be grateful that it’s not quite like the new cinema in Lake Whisper.

Overall I give this 3 stars as it is a well written horror story with attention to detail when it came to the more gruesome parts. The last chapter or so gets 4 stars for having my heart racing.

Thank you to the author for sending me an eBook copy of Cine, after I won a copy in a giveaway run by Booklover Catlady Publicity.