Book Review - Defaced

Defaced: A Dark Romance Novel (The Monster Trilogy Book 1) - Marissa Farrar

Defaced is a dark psychological thriller adult romance, containing sex and violence.

In short, it is about a woman who is kidnapped by a man, and the way the dynamics of their relationship changes over time. This story definitely has a feel of Beauty and the Beast, which I love.

I liked the two main, somewhat damaged characters in this book. Lily and Monster's characters develop well throughout the whole story, leaving the reader asking questions almost to the very end. I loved the way we gradually get to know the characters more and more as the story progressed. My view of the characters at the beginning, to my opinion of them by the end, completely changed.

This is the first book I’ve read by Marissa Farrar, but it won’t be the last. Although this is the first book in a trilogy, I did find the ending satisfying, but it has also left me wanting more.

I would like to thank the author for a copy of this book, via THE Book Club (TBC) on Facebook, in exchange for an honest review, and wish her great success with this book.