Book Review - BLED

Bled - Eddie Slain

This book is a very dark psychological thriller, which is both fast paced and somewhat tense at times.

BLED is raw, brutal, and contains acts of graphic violence, which I would say would be most enjoyed by fans of horror or dark serial killer thrillers. It felt very much like watching a slasher film at times, except I didn’t have a cushion to hide behind, as I was using it to rest my Kindle on.

I’ve grown up reading horror since a young age, so I’m not easily scared or traumatised by graphic content. I don’t read a lot of crime or serial killer novels though. I found that with BLED exposing me to a high amount of sex as well as graphic violence, it did heighten my sense of feeling more disturbed. There is a lot of sex, and not much of the affectionate, loving kind. Even when there are scenes that may be described as erotic, I was unable to view them in that way, as my mind was still dealing with more uncomfortable images from previous pages.

Frank is a great character. He is one of the most grotesque characters I have come across in a book for quite a while. He had me concerned for the author’s state of mind. I thought the author might wish to attend a couple of sessions of anger management or perhaps some intensive counselling, ha, ha. Frank needs to get a grip (excuse the pun) of his sexual urges. If you can get past the amount of sex, and stomach the acts of violence that seem to bring Frank sexual pleasure, then this is actually a really good dark psychological serial killer thriller.

I have discovered that I really don’t like the word ‘engorged’. However, this book did introduce me to one of the best uses for the book Fifty Shades Darker. Despite there being some rather graphic scenes, it’s surprising that the image that has stayed the strongest in my mind is probably one of the least shocking scenes, involving a steering wheel (best not thought about while eating).

I would definitely read more by this author in the future.

Thank you to the author for sending me an eBook copy of BLED, after I won a copy in a giveaway run by Booklover Catlady Publicity.