Book Review - Under a Cornish Sky

Under A Cornish Sky - Liz Fenwick

Under a Cornish Sky is yet another great book by Liz Fenwick. I would place it under contemporary women’s fiction with a dash of magic and an element of romance.

The things I have grown to expect from Liz Fenwick’s books were all there. This story is set in beautiful Cornwall, there is a house of significance, and of course, a little romance to warm the cockles of your heart. What I love is trying to work out what the rest of the story will be about. Will it be magical, historical, funny or dark?

Under a Cornish Sky focusses on two women who live worlds apart. A young woman who is grieving and down on her luck, and an older woman who seems to have everything she wants and is used to getting her own way. What will happen when circumstance forces these two very different women together?

I really liked the younger woman, Demi, and felt I related to her in a way. I really wasn’t keen on the older woman, Victoria at all, but perhaps I softened towards her later in the story.

Anyone who knows me well enough, knows I love the magic of fairies, so imagine my face when I was reading the prologue and it referred to fairies numerous times within the first two pages. What a treat.

“She has been to bluebell woods before. This is where the fairies live and she must never go into a bluebell wood without Grannie and Grandad because the fairies will trap her.”

I love the way Liz brings Cornwall to life in her books. In this book it was the description of bluebells and garlic which took me to specific time and place. The wild garlic smell can be surprisingly strong down here in Cornwall. I remember when my friend, Abi and her daughter, Katie came down to stay a couple of years ago, we were sniffing plants near the edge of the woods while visiting Halliggye Fogue, to source the garlic smell.

Also loved the bit where Demi goes into the charity shop and is helped to find clothes. I love things like that. Reminds me of those feel good Christmas films I’ve had the joy of viewing over the years. Always guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

The front cover gives the impression that this would be a great summer read, but if you live in Cornwall, I would strongly recommended this during winter. It will help get you through those months of grey mizzle and remind you that Spring is just around the corner.

I’m now really looking forward to book five, which is due out next year.