Book Review - A Line of Blood

A Line of Blood - Ben McPherson

This is a psychological thriller I found hard to put down.

A Line of Blood begins where a father and son discover their next door neighbour dead in his bath with an iron between his legs, amongst other things. I’ll never look at my iron in the same way again after reading this book, and have the feeling every time I do the ironing, I’ll be picturing naked men!

The story flowed well, and with so few characters and places, I found I was able to get into the story without having to try remember lots of characters. It wasn’t confusing at all and was very easy to read. I found it chilling, unnerving, and almost claustrophobic at times. I feel like I've spent most of the last few days in and out of two houses, and not quite managed to escape them in my mind yet.

At first I felt there was an element of humour within this book, but as the story progressed, that feeling of dark humour was replaced by a more chilling feeling, as the story became more serious and intense.

I’m not sure I was all that keen on any of the characters, although I wouldn’t say there was anyone I truly disliked either. Each character had flaws, but I guess that is what makes us human.

I had suspicions about the outcome very early on, and they were proved to be correct, but this in no way ruined my experience of the story, as the plot had lots of little twists to keep me interested, and perhaps altered my views of the characters slightly as time went on.

I recommend this to fans of psychological thrillers, and those who enjoy witnessing family dynamics and how each character responds in their own way to the same situation.

I read this for our Book of the Month discussion in THE Book Club (TBC) on Facebook.