Book Review - An Impossible Dilemma

An Impossible Dilemma - Netta Newbound

This is a psychological thriller with some good twists and shocks throughout.


At first I felt too shell shocked to get my head around this fully. Having read this a couple of weeks ago, I can now post a review with less of the “Oh my goodness, what just happened?” kind of comments.


This book had my emotions all over the place. Sometimes it was tense and emotional, at other times it was horrific, and on occasions it had a very dark comedy feel to it. This story had quite a psychological impact on me at times, and raised the interesting concept of nature versus nurture, which I found fascinating.


One incident had me almost screaming out loud. I felt physically sick and had sweaty palms from the stress of it. Another, had me holding my hand over my mouth for the entire time, and I could feel myself physically backing away from my Kindle in an attempt to avoid face contact with an unpleasant object.


The pigs made me think of Hannibal, and my tummy is churning slightly at the thought of the bacon I had for lunch, as the memories of this book come flooding back. Based on a conversation I had with others during a book club discussion about this book, thank goodness I went for the bacon option. I think cheese and sausages may be off the menu for a while.


Frank was my favourite character. He had that ‘calm in a crisis’ personality, which was about the only thing that kept me sane while reading this.


I read this for our Book of the Month in THE Book Club on Facebook. I would like to thank the author, Netta, for taking the time to get involved in our discussion of her book. It was a somewhat entertaining discussion, and I hope this book is a huge success.