Book Review - A Cornish Stranger

A Cornish Stranger - Liz Fenwick

Wow, where do I start with A Cornish Stranger?

“Save a stranger from the sea, and he’ll turn your enemy.”

Liz Fenwick’s third novel has a somewhat different feel to her previous two. The Cornish House and A Cornish Affair have a very rich and almost magical Cornish feel to them. Although A Cornish Stranger is mostly set in beautiful Cornwall, it is a heavier read, due to some of the subject matter, has more depth, and an overall darker feel to it than her previous novels.

Jaunty is a woman and artist in her nineties, living on her own in Cornwall, until her granddaughter, Gabriella (Gabe), who is a singer lacking confidence, moves in to help look after her.

This story takes you in to the past, where you will learn about the dark secrets, guilt and regrets that have haunted Jaunty for many years, especially during the time of the Second World War. At the same time, in the present-day, a handsome stranger suddenly appears in a storm. What impact will this stranger have on Jaunty and Gabriella? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

The characters in this book feel very real, especially Jaunty, making it an emotional read at times. At one point I was so shocked, I actually gasped out loud. On a lighter note, it was fun spotting characters from her previous novels, plus there was even mention of fairies, which made me happy.

This is a great read for those who love mystery and romance set in the captivating surroundings of Cornwall.

I can’t wait to read Under a Cornish Sky, and looking forward to the work in progress.