Book Review - The Thief of Always

The Thief of Always - Clive Barker

I decided to re-enter the surreal world of Clive Barker. I seem to be doing things backwards. I watched the Hellraiser film at 10 years old, read some of his more 'adult' books in my teens, and now at the age of 36, I've finally got around to reading a book I clearly should have read many years ago.

Yet another great book by Clive Barker. I enjoyed the story itself, but I also loved the sentiment within the story, about not wishing your life away. If we got rid of all the days that contained things we didn't want to do, work, boredom, sickness & rubbish weather, I wonder how many days each of us would actually have in a year?! Time for each of us to ponder whether we are making the most of the days we have been given!