Listening to audiobooks is an unusual experience for me

This week I have listened to two audiobooks for the very first time. With the first one I found I really struggled, having to rewind it frequently. However, I'm starting to find it slightly easier to focus on them without getting too distracted. Far too much multi-tasking seems to go on when I attempt audiobooks, it seems.


Listening to an audiobook feels like a very unusual experience, and I'm not convinced I like it yet. I've never really been great at listening to the radio, as I always get distracted and start focusing on something completely different, so I think this is going to take a little adjusting for my brain. I'm hoping I'll be able to focus on them better, the more of them I listen to.


I've also found I don't become part of the world within the book, to the same degree as I do when I'm reading. So far, when I've been listening to an audiobook, I've either been out walking (and munching on blackberries along the way), doing some computer work or cooking, so it has prevented me from building strong images of the surroundings within the story. Again, perhaps this will improve with time.


I'd love to know what your experiences of listening to audiobooks have been like?