Book Review - Appetite for Corruption

Appetite for Corruption: A Rockline Novel (Volume 1) - Hilary Mortz

Appetite for Corruption is an interesting mix of rock and roll meets science fiction weirdness.

I actually read a free sample of this book early last year, and yesterday I finally got round to reading the whole book from beginning to end. I’m so pleased I did, as this is both a fun and nostalgic read.

This is a great book for fans of rock music, bands, gigs and festivals. I’ve been going to rock gigs since I was 14 years old, so it was hard not to get completely drawn into this story. One thing that made this book stand out from other rockstar books I’ve read is that it wasn’t full of swearing. I’ve been put off other books due to them including far too much bad language, and not a lot else. This thankfully didn’t have that.

The following quote made me giggle, mostly because I think all country bumpkin petrol stations are run by deranged cannibals, having watched too many films like The Hills Have Eyes. Living down in West Cornwall feels a lot like The Wicker Man sometimes, so I enjoyed this spooky country reference in the book:

“A confirmed ‘townie’, Melly did not trust the countryside – she had watched one too many Hammer Horror films in her youth and half believed that picturesque country villages were all havens for covens of devil worshippers and vampires.”

Although I was entertained by some of the rockstar characters, my favourite character was Audrey. I loved it when she said the following to Geordie:

“You NEVER remember me. It must be really good to be off your face all the time – you get to meet so many new people.”

British sarcasm at its best. I love it.

Ever wondered why you feel so rough after a rock festival? Well, this book might just have the answer!