Book Review - The Cornish House

The Cornish House - Liz Fenwick

I read this in 2013. I actually bought it based on its cover, tut tut. I absolutely love the cover, as it reminds me of the back of our very own Cornish house (that we bought and moved into in 2011).

This book had me willing to love it before I even read the first page. However, the story did not disappoint. I do love a good old house with years of mysteries hidden within it, so this was a very entertaining read.

I found details about Cornwall and its weather, especially the horizontal rain, roads without street lamps, local people knowing everyone else's business and general quirkiness, made me giggle throughout the book, as it reminded me of when I first moved down to Cornwall.

Although this is a standalone novel, if you do wish to read Liz Fenwick's books in chronological order, then you should read her second book, A Cornish Affair, before reading this one.